Why We Make Unhealthy Choices

17 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods You Might Want to Avoid
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Unhealthy Foods | American Heart Association

Some of the top brands have enjoyed years of sales growth selling burgers, French fries, soda, and fried chicken to a nation grappling with a decades-long rise in rates of obesity and the deadly diseases that come with it. When confronted with questions about corporate responsibility and whether it is complicit in an ongoing national health crisis, fast food has repeated the same talking point used by much of the American food industry. The soda industry uses it to argue against levies on its sugary beverages.

The restaurant lobby used it when New York City wanted to put a cap on soda sizes. The egg lobby has used it repeatedly in the debate over transitioning from caged-hen eggs to cage-free.

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That means championing and providing the customer with information about the food for their choices. In adopting this strategy, fast food companies have coopted a fundamental American value: freedom. That food reaches a lot of Americans. We tend to eat a lot of sushi to feel full, and those rolls contain mostly rice and very few veggies. A spicy tuna roll is like adding another one and a half tuna sandwiches with full-fat mayo.

Here are some more sushi-eating mistakes that sabotage your health.

The illusion

But these surprisingly unhealthy foods lack fiber and can be high in sodium. Carb-dense foods can alter the balance of your gut flora and trigger inflammation.

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While a snack bag full of dried fruit may seem like sensible choice, keep the serving size in perspective. One not-very-filling ounce of these chips, which are fried, has about calories, while a medium banana only has Wholesome and humble, bran muffins seem like a breakfast food hero. Check out some great recipes using quinoa. Bring healthy snacks on the road to curb the appeal of less nutritious foods. While Planells encourages drinking water to stay hydrated, he cautions against getting carried away with flavored varieties.

A plain rice cake weighs only 9 grams but 80 percent of it is carbohydrate. Here are some times you should never, ever eat carbs. Soy and almond milk are better dairy alternatives. Here are some more awesome reasons you should try almond milk. Most nutritionists will advise you to snack on a combination of carbs, protein, and fiber for sustained energy—and trail mix seems like a perfect example. Make a healthy mix yourself with mainly nuts and seeds and a little high-cacao dark chocolate and dried fruit. Here are some more tasty snacks that you can eat without guilt. With fewer calories and fat grams than most chips, pretzels seem healthy.

Look for those made with whole wheat flour or eating whole grain crackers, soy crisps, or popcorn instead.

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The actual amount of spinach in green pasta and tortillas is trivial compared with what you would get if you added your own spinach leaves to your pasta dish or wrap. Here are some other food myths that you need to stop believing. No matter how you slice it, these are fairly unhealthy foods, just plain inferior to their original fruit source.

A plain banana provides fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and fewer calories and fat. My daughter rarely buys school lunch, but when she does she is proud to tell me that she at least made a few healthy choices among the unhealthy choices they have to offer. This is a salad in a cup that you add the dressing to and shake up.

They always have a choice of fresh fruit as well. At least I know she is choosing as many of the whole food options as she can.

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Many years ago, before I was educated in nutrition, I worked in a hot and dusty soils engineering lab. Every afternoon I would go to the local convenience store and get a huge soda. I had no idea what it was doing to me. When I learned exactly what soda did to our bodies, to our health, I quit cold turkey.

We live in a world where it seems far easier to make unhealthy choices than healthy ones. We as parents have a lot of control and influence over food choices.

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It is sad to me that we are such an unhealthy nation and it is mostly due to our lifestyle choices that start very young. Even our school system is offering junk to our children. You have complete control over your nutrition choices and there is so much research out there to help us lead a healthy and happy life. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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50 So-Called “Healthy” Snacks That Are Secretly Bad for You

By Lisa Metzgar , PhD School is back in session, which means our children need good nutrition to keep their brains and bodies functioning properly all day. I use video my daughter is big on YouTube. There is great information out there if you just do a search for it. Make it a learning experience and empower your children with information.

This eliminates the problem at its source.