The Unofficial 2011 Guide to Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

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The Millionaire Next Door is an instant classic. What does he find? That the vast majority of millionaires do not have beautiful houses and super nice cars in upscale neighborhoods. Rather, the most likely millionaire is the more modest individual you would never expect. For example, a car mechanic or janitor who owns their own business is more likely to be a millionaire than the person in the Ferrari next to you at the red light. This book really struck home for me because I think of myself as frugal, and it reinforces the point that I am doing the right things now to get to where I want to be.

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I do not like to spend money on things I do not value. Material objects absolutely fall into that category. Truthfully, in my head, I now make fun of people with really nice cars, unreasonably large houses, etc. It took 63 years for this book to get published. In this book Hill recounts his interview with the devil. The devil is a metaphor for all of the bad things in life—from junk food to cigarettes, etc.

It feels so real—so real that Hill was afraid to publish it, as the devil promised to smite him and his family if he did. While it is typically performed in the morning, it does not have to be. Hal Elrod completely changed my life with this book. I am a morning person, and I have created a 3. His stories are wildly suspenseful, and he does a fantastic job of relating these tactics to everyday situations that you and I may run into i.

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These strategies helped me negotiate the amount of my salary, my first property, and my car. There you have it: my top 10 books for See below for the list of other books I read for the year, in no particular order. Craig Curelop, aka thefiguy is an aggressive pursuer of financial independence. He plans to continue to investing in both Denver and Jacksonville for the years to come. He hopes to inspire the masses to grab hold of their finances and achieve financial independence.

Follow his story on Instagram thefiguy! Real Estate Investing Basics Oct 03, Real estate may seem like a pretty risky investment right now. Between talks of a recession, a trade war with China, and Brexit—not to mention vastly overheated markets and steep competition—should you stop buying real estate altogether? Instead, be patient, selective, and pay more attention Real Estate Investing Basics Sep 30, Real Estate Investing Basics Sep 25, Well, that statement is front and center for most real estate investors—especially me.

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Real Estate Books Shop books covering real estate investing and personal finance. Search Nova. Log In Sign up. Craig Curelop. Want more articles like this?

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Create an account today to get BiggerPocket's best blog articles delivered to your inbox Sign up for free. By Craig Curelop. The title alone has me sold along with your recommendation. I will check it out, thanks! That book has immediate returns … an excellent perspective on negotiating. It has implications that will pay dividends for life. Thanks Justin! And thank you for correcting my mistake! It should be fixed though. I have read that book twice and I am going to be reading it a 3rd time. Awesome list, thanks for sharing! Thanks, Jason! I read about an hour per day.

Obviously, some days are more i. I would say I average about an hour though.

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Hopefully by now, every page on your site is optimized for mobile—if not, now is the time to take action. Social media also gives you an opportunity to gain valuable information about what your customers are interested in and how they behave, via social listening. Below are some crucial elements of your social strategy that can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Authors can achieve this through guest blogging. I have a very unique knowledge of the Snoqualmie Valley because I have lived in this community for over 25 years.

Anytime Gus! Thank you for reaching out and letting me know that you enjoyed it. Christi Hawkins from Columbus, Ohio Replied over 1 year ago. Great List, thank you for sharing! How did you find, I mean make, the time?

Do you block time during your day and how much time per day do you spend. Thanks, Christi! You are exactly right. I just block out time every day to read. I spend about an hour in the morning every week day. Weekends I sometimes slack off a bit. One step at a time! Marcia Barr Replied over 1 year ago. I am considering renting my home and moving into my partners home.

The Unofficial 2011 Guide to Social Media Marketing for Real

I could sell but my home is right across the street from a great school and is currently growing in value. Are there any books in addition to articles here on establishung my first rental? Marcia, Thanks for the questions! Paul Replied over 1 year ago. My recommendation?

Absolutely awesome read on setting and achieving goals…. That one was a good one too. So hard putting together the top I feel as though when I read that book it was hyped up a little too much so it just met my expectations which were high rather than totally blowing it out of the water like some of these other ones. Oops sorry Hold is by Steve Chader as listed above but it is a great read!

Thanks for these contributions, Jared! I agree Millionaire Real Estate Investor is great! Great list, Looks like we have similar taste in books. Perhaps the most obvious type of post to publish, make a point to stylize and elaborate on your latest listings via photos and captions. Companies like properties do a brilliant job by incorporating multiple photos of each listing and using contact information as a sort of call-to-action.

This West Town loft is truly a urban dream. An original mural by famed JC Rivera adorns the wall, 2, sqft of open….