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The Stone of Destiny
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It was truly the best day of our lives and there is not a single thing we would have changed. We have been getting non stop calls and texts letting us know that this was far and away the best wedding people have ever been to Thank you again for everything and we only hope we can attend another wedding there as guests to experience it all over again.

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Carissa — From my perspective, the team at Stone House did an exceptional job at the wedding last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the venue, food, fun and especially the service. In paticular, Iris was outstanding. With every small request, she handled it with so much professionalism and positive attitude.

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I would not hesitate to do any party or life-changing event with all of you at Stone House!! Great Job!!

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We eat here all the time. In the summers the outdoor patio is just amazing. Last week I had the Mozzarella di Bufala and my absolute favorite Foie gras.


The woman placed the stone on a sunny kitchen sill, and felt so well that she began to cook a nourishing dinner for herself. He also writes for and produces a rock band called Smile Empty Soul. January 31st, - pm As the first of the new year, this special edition of the Stone Series features Tyshawn Sorey front and center. It began in the bathtub one night, right after she lifted the stone, as usual, to the edge of the tub and closed her eyes. The transportation of the Stone within the Abbey called for a specially designed hand barrow, which was based on the type used by medieval stonemasons.

The chef must have been making this for years because has nailed the presentation time and time again. The Glass vertical wine cellar is special. The open kitchen is spectacular to watch as well. Jeff Harrington.

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I have eaten here many times and have Never been disappointed. I've also attended a few weddings and the staff was amazing, professional and attentive. The atmosphere is fantastic. All around Excellent experiences here. Highly recommended.

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Mark L. Nestled in the hills of the Watchung Mountains.

The Stone Twins interview. The only way is up.

After the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War, the women of the city, led by the ingenious Praxagora, dress as men, penetrate into the Popular Assembly and take over the government. In this excerpt, Praxagora analyzes her innovative system to her husband, Vlepiros.

The Homeric Hymn To Aphrodite.

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Homeric hymns are a collection of poems celebrating the major deities of the Greek pantheon. They were performed in front of an audience during rhapsodic contests, religious celebrations or events.

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In antiquity they were considered works of Homer. The two meet for one night. The Funeral Oration praises the political, economic, social, military and intellectual achievements of the Athenian State, which was the cradle of democracy.

Symposium by Plato. Is Eros a mortal or a God? Plato BC — BC , a great ancient Greek philosopher who defined the whole course of Western thought, negotiates the nature and complexity of love in the Symposium BC. This is a bold, intelligent and intriguing dialogue between highly educated men, who engage in a philosophical conversation during a lavish symposium. Rhetoric by Aristotle. In the three books of this work, Aristotle BC — BC , a famous philosopher and founder of Logic, examines the practice of rhetoric, which he defines as the art of persuasion.

In this excerpt, Aristotle analyzes the characteristics of young people. Antigone by Sophocles. A worldwide symbol for love and resistance, Antigone is considered one of the greatest creations of Sophocles BC — BC , a pre-eminent tragic poet of antiquity. She decides to bury her dead brother Polynices despite the ban imposed by the King of Thebes, Creon.