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Toggle navigation. Home Browse. Details Creator Clarke, W. Contents Table of Contents [Chapter heading not available] 1. Search within document Search Clear. Download Select the pages you want to download, or the whole document. Hail, you by whom humanity preserved goes up to heaven! Hail, splendid adornment of the most radiant world on high! Hail, most glorious defender of the fallen world here below! Hail, never-defeated by the forces of evil! O chief ruler of the angels, deliver us who keep your radiant feast with joy from the storm of temptations and troubles, for you are a mighty helper in afflictions and the preserver and defender in the hour of death of all those crying aloud to Our Lord and Our Lady: Alleluia!

Fourth Chant. Seeing your boldness against the regiments of Satan, all the ranks of angels followed after you with joy into the fight for the name and the glory of their Master, crying aloud: "Who is like unto God!

Hail, you by whom peace and quiet returned to heaven! Hail, you whom the spirit of evil was laid low even unto hell! Hail, you who direct the angelic armies and the hosts of the invisible world to the destruction of evil! Hail, you who, unseen, calm the agitation and fighting of the elements of the unseen world! Hail, wonderful defender of those waging war with the spirits of evil! Hail, strong helper of those on earth grown weak through the temptations and assaults of the world! You have appeared in the Church of Khony as a divinely flowing fountain of great miracles.

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For, not only was a large and fearful serpent dwelling there destroyed by your strength, but a stream of water was revealed there healing all bodily ailments, that all might glorify you, 0 Lord God of the angels, and all might cry out to You with Faith: Alleluia! Fifth Chant. Hearing you and knowing you as a great light shining among the choirs of angels, after God and His Holy Mother, we run to you, wonderful Michael. With the rays of your light illuminate all of us who sing to you in the following manner:.

Hail, mediator of the law given by the hand of Moses on Mount Sinai! Hail, you by whom the judges and leaders of Israel found strength and protection!

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Hymns for Thanksgiving Day! Rejoice in the delightful lyrics of popular and traditional Thanksgiving Christian hymns perfect for celebrating and. Thanksgiving Day Hymns! Enjoy the lovely words and lyrics of traditional and popular Thanksgiving Christian hymns. Have a great time searching our extensive.

Hail, you, through whom the prophets and high priests of the Jews received the gift of knowledge from the all-knowing God! Hail, you who provide with secret wisdom the God-fearing givers of the law! Hail, you who put kindness and mercy into the hearts of those who administer justice and truth! You have announced beforehand the judgments of God when, in former times - at the sight of you - Mannah was filled with fear and perplexity, thinking that he would no longer live, but taught by his wife of the goodness of the vision, and the gentleness of your words, from joy at having a son, Samson, who was about to be born, he cried out to God in thanksgiving: Alleluia!

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Sixth Chant. You have shone forth wonderfully, 0 Michael, when in the form of a man you have stood before Joshua, son of Nun, saying: "Take off your shoes, for I am the chief captain of the hosts of the Lord. Hail, untiring guardian of leaders, rulers, and governments! Hail, you, swift to overthrow those withstanding authority as they oppose the command of God! Hail, you who appease the mighty wave of popular tumult! Hail, invisible destroyer of vile customs!

Hail, you who enlighten those in doubt in the hour of great perplexity! Hail, you who save all those tried by soul-destroying and false attacks! Wanting to show that the fortunes of men are not dependent on themselves, but are always held in His Divine Hand, the Maker of all has given you to the kingdoms of the earth as a defender and keeper, that you may prepare all the tribes and peoples for the Kingdom of God that is eternal.

Therefore, all of us knowing your great service for the salvation of mankind, cry to God in thanksgiving: Alleluia! Seventh Chant.

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The Creator and Master of all miracles has shown us a new miracle on earth through you, chief angel, when you miraculously saved the church built in honor of your name from being flooded with the waters of the river. You commanded the rising stream to turn back into the bosom of the earth, at the sight of which the blessed Archipus together with his spiritual children cried to you in thanksgiving:.

Hail, indestructible rampart of the holy Church of God! Hail, you at whose behest the elements are subdued! Hail, you by whom all evil intents are brought to naught! Hail, you who bring joy to all the faithful from the throne of the Almighty God! Hail, you who lead unbelievers on the path of justice and truth!

Therefore, amazed at the mighty effect of your strength, he cried out with faith: Alleluia!

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Hail, you, swift to overthrow those withstanding authority as they oppose the command of God! The hymn first appeared in print in a collection of Dutch folk and patriotic songs, Nederlandtsche Gedenck-Clanck by Adriaen Valerius. Copies Direct supplies reproductions of collection material for a fee. Other fragments of this text have been found in Caves 1 and 4 1Q35, 4Q— Jan 13

Eighth Chant. Standing before the throne of God, Michael, you are entirely in the heights yet you are not far from men and women below upon the earth. Therefore, all who wish to reach the long-desired homeland of heaven call to you with one accord:.

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Hail, leader of the thrice-holy hymn of the angels! Hail, ever-ready advocate and guardian of those on earth! Hail, who, in strange fashion, struck down Pharaoh with his faithless Egyptians in their ponderous pride! Hail, who gloriously led the Jews in their wandering through the wilderness! Rejoice, ye pure in heart! Fountain of mercy, God of love. Give thanks to God the Lord; upon His Name now call. Sing to the Lord of harvest,. Give thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah,. The sower went forth sowing,.

Glorious things of thee are spoken,. Thanks to God for my Redeemer,. God the Father!

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