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The best proof is pictures of great ball strikers doing what you are being asked to do, accompanied by a sound explanation. One trait of good golf instructors is that they will automatically give you proof, without you having to ask.

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The best thing you can do after a golf lesson is to practice your new swing without a golf ball for at least ten minutes every day the more often and longer, the better. What you need to understand is that when you stand over a ball with the intention of hitting it, the body controls the swing, not the conscious mind.

Given any opportunity, the body will revert back to what it is most comfortable with, which happens to be your old swing. The way to teach your body something new is to swing slowly, without a golf ball. Stop frequently at the new position you are trying to learn so that you can show your body where it should be, and so that it can develop a feel for that position.

Once the new movement is somewhat comfortable, you can put more emphasis on trying to learn the move while actually hitting balls. When you do hit practice shots, make three to four practice swings for every ball you hit, as you're still trying to teach your body what to do. You want to get conscious thought out of the act as soon as possible. Here is an excerpt from a column in a distinguished golf magazine written in Two generations of golfers have proved Hogan wrong, and even he would probably agree it was the happiest mistake he ever made.

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Sure, everyone would like to learn how to swing better, but that isn't what Ben Hogan meant. Hogan's point was that most golfers aren't willing to "go the distance"—they aren't willing to work through the frustration that is an inescapable result of improving a faulty swing. Instead, golfers try the Band-Aid approach to golf improvement, which is relatively painless, but is also ineffective because they aren't fixing their swing faults; they're just treating the symptoms.

A golf swing is not learned by throwing money at it, or by practicing something for only a week or two.


It doesn't come quickly and it doesn't come without effort, yet golfers seem to think or maybe hope that it will. If you want to improve, be prepared—you will hit the ball badly and your swing will feel very awkward and uncomfortable until you have practiced it enough to develop coordination with whatever part of the swing you were trying to improve.

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Every golfer should have a goal to improve for every year they play, but most golfers reach a certain level and never improve beyond that point. One study found that the average golfer reached this level after only three years of playing. To me, the reasons seem simple enough: not practicing properly, not having a good instructor, and not sticking with the program through the frustration and awkwardness that initially result from making real swing improvements.

For most golfers, the road to real improvement is just as simple: practice properly—work on one thing you are trying to change for a minimum of three weeks to a month and be sure you're working on the right thing! If you've taken a golf lesson, you've probably experienced Band-Aid golf instruction. It's called Band-Aid instruction because the symptom is treated, not the problem, and obviously this type of golf instruction is not likely to significantly improve your golf game.

Before reading any further, please keep in mind that this page is geared toward the person who wants to become a much better golfer and is willing to put in the time and effort and has the dedication necessary to achieve his or her goals. I'm being critical of Band-Aid instruction from that perspective, and I'm hoping to educate anyone who wants real improvement to seek fundamental swing changes, not Band-Aid changes. While it is true that I am being critical of Band-Aid instruction here, I do believe that most golfers should be getting Band-Aid instruction for the simple reason that so few golfers are dedicated enough to achieve fundamental swing changes.

Rather than find out why the clubface is open and then solve that problem, the Band-Aid solution is to focus on covering up the symptom the open clubface.

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Who cares, just don't do it! Band-Aid instruction usually focuses on immediate results: trying to get the student to hit the ball better during the golf lesson. All information presented on our websites should not be construed as medical consultation or instruction. Readers are advised to consult a health professional about any issue regarding their health and well-being.

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The opinions expressed in Newsmaxhealth. Please note that this advice is generic and not specific to any individual. You should consult with your doctor before undertaking any medical or nutritional course of action. Newsmax, Moneynews, Newsmax Health, and Independent. View Newsmax Mobile. Breaking News. Should President Trump Be Impeached? Vote Here Now! Home Fast Features. Tags: tips find right golf coach. Finding the right golf instruction is important, so spend time reading through the profiles to find an instructor who will work with you, not against you, on your path to success.

Once you have found an instructor whose golf tips you admire, send a message for more information, or proceed straight to booking your golf lessons. Once your lessons are booked, make a few notes on questions to ask during the instruction. On the day of your lessons, collect your clubs, and head down to the golf course to meet your instructor. Give yourself enough time to arrive as scheduled for your lesson. Search on Lessons. Prepare to work hard, play hard, and greatly improve your game!

Coaching Philosophy

My passion in life is to make the golfers that choose me as their teacher better players at the game. With each student, mastery of the set-up, their grip, alignment and posture will create the foundation of continued improvement with their desired level of practice and play.

My methodology is geared towards the person, their natural athleticism and best practices to simplify how to get the middle of the club on the middle of the ball more consistently. Balance, tempo, timing and rhythm make up each student's approach to swingi View Profile. Ewa Beach, HI Get Started View Profile.

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Island Pacific Golf Academy 5. Our goal is to help a lot of the local families, especially kids learn how to play this wonderful game. I truly enjoy watching kids take hold of the their first swing and develop that into tournament play. By providing all aspects of learning including after-school programs, driving range instructions, on course lessons, and tournament play, Island Pacific Golf Academy can provide students of all levels an avenue to learn. Oliver Oliquiano, PGA Apprentice, founder of the Academy and Hawaii resident since has been an avid golfer his whole life and contributed a lot of his success both persona Kapolei, HI Royal Hawaiian Golf Club 5.

I have been giving golf lessons and club fitting for over 12 years. I also have experience playing professionally on mini tours. I have students ranging from beginner to professional. Kailua, HI Stop being bad at golf! Come learn the movements that add margin for error, and make the game easier. Come join me for an eclectic view of the golf swing and improvement based off top teachers teaching methods.

Let's square early and rotate for power. Koloa, HI 6 years in business.

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South Florida Golf Academy 5. My simplistic approach to the game could take you from your first class to the golf course in just 5 lessons. For intermediate to advance players I can help them using my FlightScope launch monitor.

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I'm fully fluent in English and Spanish. I can also understand and speak intermediate level Portuguese I'm available most days of the week Miami, FL With well over 40 years of experience in both teaching and playing professionally, my classes are designed to produce the next generation of pros.

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You should ask similar questions and expect similar services from your golf instructor before investing your time and money improving your game. We saw some big names fade fast after changing, Mike Weir going to Stack and Tilt is a great example. For very young kids just starting out, fun is usually playing mini golf, riding in the cart, whacking a ball around without necessarily keeping score, taking 10 shots out the bunker, and yes, even buying a snack and a drink. Some have made that transition wonderfully while others have failed miserably. Of course not. Two Types There are generally two types of golf instructors: — Club professional.

I then went on a successful amateur career by winning the National Open twice, the Brasil Open and the Argentina amateur Championship. By age of twenty-five I was playing professionally. For 20 years I was coached by John Elliott Jr. With his guidance I played over international golf tournaments including the Canadian Tour, Miami, FL 40 years in business.

Larry Levow Golf Instruction 4. Outside of over 35 years of golf instruction experience working with and for four of the worlds top ten teachers. Teaching the best and worst players in the world. I realy care about my students. Find me a great doctor or attorney that intimately understands very specifically the systems science and techniques involved with their craft who has practiced them for years, but then find me one that cares that takes a personal interest in their client!

That is the one I want. That's me.