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Owen is said to be prolix, but it would be truer to say that he is condensed. His style is heavy because he gives notes of what he might have said, and passes on without fully developing the great thoughts of his capacious mind. He requires hard study, and none of us ought to grudge it. Be sure not to confound this with [Anne] Hutchinson [the New England antinomian heretic]. Manton, Thomas — 5 Sermons upon Ps. Psalm Cope was a minister in Geneva. Jermin was a Reformed Anglican.

Jermin does not err in excessive spirituality, but the reverse.

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An Exhaustively Cross Referenced Bible, Book 51 Zephaniah 2 to Malachi 4 - Kindle edition by Jerome Goodwin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. [KINDLE] An Exhaustively Cross Referenced Bible, Book 51 Zephaniah 2 to Malachi 4 by Jerome. Goodwin. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

Those who can put up with his style will be repaid by his quaint learning. Blair finished this work in manuscript, but it was never published. Taylor was a Westminster divine. Matthew Henry was able to quote from Hammond throughout his commentary. References to a number of these works can be found at EEBO. Ethics, 2. Politics, 3. Economics that is; the government of: 1. Behavior, 2. Commonwealth, 3.

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He is said to have been very inaccurate in his learning. Broughton was a reformed Anglican. Gill quoted as an authority. His work is nearly obsolete, but its loss is not a severe one. Pemble was a Reformed puritan.

The style is scholastic, with arrangements of the subjects such as render it hard to read. We confess we are disappointed with it. Ecclesiastes is not a book to be expounded verse by verse; but Cotton does it as well as anyone. He is always good. In our judgment it is as heavy as it is weighty. Commentary on Ecclesiastes in Latin. It is exceedingly rare. Ecclesiastes Arranged by Subject with a Commentary. Gifford was a Reformed puritan. Matthew Poole introduced the substance of this treatise into his Synopsis, and in that huge compilation he speaks eulogistically of the author, with whom he resided.

We mention it because of its singularity. Wilcox was a reformed puritan. This venerable author gives a doctrinal summary of each verse, and from this we have frequently been directed to a subject of discourse. There is no poetry in it, but the renderings are often good, and the comment valuable. The student will do better with the moderns. This commentary was published by the Westminster divine, William Gouge. Homes was a puritan.

1 Corinthians 15.1-4 ✝ Romans 4.4-5

Homes, however, spiritualizes too much, and is both too luscious in expression and too prolix for these degenerate days. It is just a little dull and common place. The author was one of the better sort of the Scotch Episcopalians. This commentary has been reprinted by the Banner of Truth. He gives us the essence of the good matter.

For practical use this work is perhaps more valuable than any other Key to the Song. Portions Throughout the Song of Solomon. Possibly some reader of this catalogue may yet present us with it. Collinges also had a similar commentary on ch. The materials are gathered from many sources and make up a mass of wealth.

On the second chapter there are five hundred and thirty pages. It would try the constitutions of many modern divines to read what these Puritans found it a pleasure to write. When shall we see their like? Sermons on Canticles chs.

His repute is such that we need only mention him. We should never care to read his exposition while Durham, and Gill, and Moody Stuart are to be had. We suppose there must be a public for which they cater, and a very foolish public it must be. Whatever portion of the work was completed, was lost. Jewish Commentary on Isaiah. The Commentary of Ibn Ezra on Isaiah, vols. Leighton, Robert — 3 Lectures on Isa. Just what the title would lead us to expect—marrow and fatness; honey from the Rock, Christ Jesus. We need say no more: Durham is a prince among spiritual expositors.

Whatever he does is done in a style worthy of a chief among theologians. He is, however, seldom too brief, and his own bulk hinders his being read.

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Preachers of long sermons should take a hint from this. MacDonogh, T. He had not, of course, the critical skill of the present day, but his spiritual insight was keen. He rather commented on a passage than expounded it. His works have almost disappeared. In his own day some considered him a sage and others a quack. He was a little of both. Moulin — was a Huguenot minister in France. Cumming and brethren of his school would revel in it.

We had sooner read a table of logarithms. Gwalther Hutcheson was a Scottish Covenanter.

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Note that the Sovereign Grace Publishers reprint only contains 6 of the minor prophets see the review on Amazon. Hutcheson is always rich. He resembles Dickson. Luther, Martin — Works , vol. A vast treasure-house of experimental exposition. With the exception of Adams, we prefer it to any other of the expositions reprinted under the editorship of Mr. Pococke was a reformed Anglican. Get it by all means, if you can.

Reynolds was a Westminster divine and reformed Anglican.

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In John Barton; John Muddiman eds. The narrative then switches to the south. Also the referenced scriptures have been fully expanded, they are all looked up for ease of direct reading by the student. Israel, not Christians, are to have the chief place on earth,. These are the alternate translations for the Hebrew and Greek verses from the King James translators themselves. It seems to be most probable, to say the least, that, though contemporary, Zephaniah was rather the later of the two. Keep me logged in!

He worthily takes place with Burroughs. He has the usual force, homeliness, piety, and fullness of the Puritan period.

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Pococke was a reformed Anglican and Arabic scholar. The level of the work is intermediate to advanced. Holds a high place among the older comments, but will never again be popular.

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Udall says:. Benefield, Sebastian, on chs. He says he studied brevity, and perhaps he succeeded, for he does not quite fill pages with six chapters. The two quartos make up a complete work, of an antique type, not suitable to modern tastes, nor up to the mark of present criticism, but still instructive. What Puritan is not? Rainolds — was an English puritan.