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In , Stephanus introduced his verse divisions into a Latin Vulgate edition, from which they have continued to the present day.

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The first English Bible to include chapters and verses was the Geneva Bible of Morinus Exercit. Notice that 1 John is discussing sin.

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Verse is about the person who claims that they are a Christian but willingly continues sinning. The Holy Spirit says that person is a liar.

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Verse 7 describes the person who claims they never sin. They lie too! Verse states that the mark of a Christian is that they confess their sins. They admit they sin. Then 1 John continues talking about a Christian and their sin.

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If a Christian sins, Jesus defends them. The chapter division is not serious, but it can lead to a misunderstanding. Another example of a poor chapter division occurs between Daniel 10 and In Daniel an angel touches the prophet Daniel and speaks to him from verses Due to the chapter division it would appear that Daniel 11 is a new topic. He is still speaking.

This chapter division can lead to confusion. There are other confusing chapter divisions, but we must remember that the authors of the chapter and verse divisions did their best and we should not condemn them. Some verse divisions break the flow of an idea too! Therefore, it is important to notice such breaks in the flow of thought in the Bible are man-made and do not exist in the autographs. It is often believed that Stephen Langton is the originator of the chapter and verse divisions of our modern Bibles. John McClintock and James Strong state,. The numerical division of the Old and New Testaments into modern chapters is by some ascribed to Lanfranc, who was archbishop of Canterbury in the reigns of William the Conqueror and William II, while others attribute it to Stephen Langton, who was archbishop of the same see in the reigns of John and Henry.

Its authorship, however, is usually ascribed to the schoolmen, who, with cardinal Hugh of Cher, were authors of Concordance for the Latin Vulgate, about A. This Latin Bible. The first English Bible that contained both chapters and verses was the Geneva Bible, published in These chapter and verse divisions help us quickly locate a passage of scripture. Norman L. Geisler and William E. A General Introduction to the Bible.

John McClintock and James Strong. Cyclopedia of Biblical Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. Baker Book House.

Old Testament Statistics: Number of Chapters and Verses in the Old Testament

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Philip Kosloski. Nicholas Senz. Public Domain. Philip Kosloski Sep 09, Numbering the Bible is a relatively recent invention in the history of Sacred Scripture. Christians around the world are accustomed to citing the Bible by chapter and verse. In fact, dividing up scripture in this manner is rather new and developed only recently during the past several centuries.

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