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But as these instruments are transposing instruments, although the notes they play read A - G - N - E - S etc. They are followed by instruments in E-flat and B-flat until quite a jungle-like cacophony is built up -- punctuated by alternately elegant and goofball percussion entrances. Louise M. View past performances. This turned out to be a spiky, vivacious march with a boisterous central trio a la Spike Jones. The main theme was derived from turning the letters in Albert's name into musical notes a game that goes back at least as far as the Renaissance ; the music's cheerful bravado captures her adventurous, fun-loving spirit.

http://gitlab.dev.parkseason.ru/15-tienda-hidroxicloroquina-200mg.php The orchestra gave it a zesty reading. He cast the work in the form of a march, trio and recapitulation of the march, and its flashes with the speed of summer lightning.

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I'm very pleased. I really appreciate you being patient with me and finishing my clarinet so quickly! I will definitely be telling my friends about the high quality work you do and if anyone needs work done on their clarinet I will be sure to refer them to you. Thank you again," Riley Emmons "Wesley, I am still in shock!!!

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I could not believe my eyes when I opened the clarinet this morning and my ears when I played it. Your work is amazing and impeccable!! I truly believe that when you are done a clarinet is Better than Brand New.

The Action, the Sound, the Look is absolutely amazing!!! You are the Best. And the new Barrel and Ligature make a huge difference!!!!! I will give you an Outstanding Recommendation. And I will be sending in my "Baby" once or twice a year for a tune up. I'm spoiled now, and I Like It!!! Best Wishes Dave Dauberman "Wes, thanks so much for the great job on overhauling the clarinet. It is so obvious how well in tune it plays throughout all registers.

It is really a joy to play again and thanks again for the excellent job.

It is really easy to see the talent and professionalism you provide in your work. You are a magician indeed!!!!! It looks and feels and plays like a brand new clarinet. I couldn't be happier!!!! John "I'm an avid clarinetist in Vermont and a friend asked me to have his badly neglected year old Buffet R13 clarinet overhauled. Then I found Wes Rice online, checked out his references, and had a phone conversation with him. His prices were considerably more reasonable , and he was very helpful in explaining which repairs he felt were essential and which were optional.

I shipped him the clarinet and we had several phone conversations during the overhaul process. Wes is professional, responsive, and worked with me to figure out what the best and most cost effective repairs were. He did exactly what he promised, and the clarinet looks and most importantly sounds beautiful. He gave an old instrument a new life. I am now considering buying this clarinet to play myself, instead of letting my friend sell it -- it plays that well. I highly recommend Wes Rice and look forward to sending him my instruments to repair in the future.

I cannot believe the difference! A much warmer sound. It plays like a new instrument. I love the action, the keys are so quiet! And I really love the barrel you made. Thank you for suggesting this. It was on my bucket list of things to get, so sooner is better. The intonation is much improved, too. I look forward to breaking it in. Thank you so much for all of your work!

I have a couple of former students who are clarinet majors in college; I will pass along your business cards! Lon Walker "Wesley: Good afternoon! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you did to my instrument. When my dad handed me the case and I opened it, I almost started to cry. She yes, my clarinet is a she looks absolutely beautiful! You took such good care of her, and she looks incredibly healthy - healthier then when I first got her. And when I played my clarinet this morning for the first time… WOW!

Just, wow. The timbre is amazing, and there is no more buzzing, stuck pads, or any other hitch that instruments accumulate over years of use. The joy you brought me is amazing. I play 17 instruments proficiently, but clarinet has always been listed as my primary instrument. After leaving college and going into the professional world, I began to drift away from my clarinet and lean more on the stapled music therapy instruments. Those two word are not enough, but thank you.

I just played through the Brahms clarinet Sonata opus number 2, and I am now realizing that I don't have to try as hard as with the mechanics involved. With the clarinet so much more responsive, I am finding it easier to pay more attention to the dynamics and articulation involved as a critical part of a great performance.

Thank you so much for the wonders you have worked on this instrument. You certainly have my unqualified recommendation as THE clarinet technician with whom I plan to stay! I can't believe it. It is so awesome.

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Keys at the right height, spring tension perfect, sound like I haven't heard from it, pads that seal, beautiful wood that is now not just a dyed black but a deep brown. No clicking of keys. Nice open and full throat Bb. Love the barrel! No more "squeezing" keys to seal them or make up for poor springs. Finally I can just touch them gently and they respond quickly. You have no idea how frustrated I have been with Buffet clarinets, always looking for some fix by acquiring different reeds, accessories etc even considering selling this one and buying a Selmer.

All this time what was needed was a overhaul by an expert and perfectionist. Thank you Wes. Will definitely be sending the horn to you in the future again for maintenance. It's like having a brand new instrument, but with all of the things I have loved about this instrument all along enhanced and restored.

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Thank you so much! I'll keep you in mind for the next round for sure. It looks beautiful and plays great! The only problem -- now I'm wondering what my wood clarinet would be like if he worked on. That will have to wait a bit.

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I enjoyed it for more than a year before it became unplayable, and for months I've only played the Buffet which is rich and mellow if not a tad pitch inexact. Michael Tilson Thomas Agnegram He is a sophmore at BHS, playing clarinet in the pep band. I cannot believe the difference! Allison "Wesley, My clarinet arrived today and when I opened the case I was speechless. Later returned to San Francisco in late s.

Naturally all the pads and corks were dried and it was almost impossible to play when I decided I wanted to play seriously again. It is Silver and very dull and just looked sad. I had no idea where to go to have it restored so I looked on line. After talking for about an hour I knew he was the person I wanted to entrust my clarinet to for reburbishing. We mad an appointment and I sent it in and then he called me to discuss what all i wanted done. He did not put any pressure at all on me but just explained the various levels of restoration he could do on the clarinet.

I really like the instrument and it was a gift from my parents and so I decided to go "All Out". When I got it back and opened the case to say I was amazed is a Huge Understatement.

Then I played it and it played as wonderful as it looked. It is significantly better than when brand new. The action is perfect and the new pads and corks made the sound incredible!!!! I cannot say enough good about the quality of his work and how reasonable he is for what he does. Wesley is a True Craftsman and Artist!!!

I will send my intrument to him at least annually for a "Tune Up" because now I'm spoiled with the outstanding sound and look of my Selmer Clarinet. I havent had much done to it other than the occasional cork and pad replacement. It was feeling a bit clunky and was noisy in the keys, and when I dropped it and bent a key I decided it was time. After receiving it back from Wes, this is again the instrument I chose over that Buffet all those years ago. The key action is smooth, and silent.